How to turn on and off the Kaspersky auto-renewal plan?

Kaspersky antivirus comes with some outstanding features. Auto-Renewal plan is one of them. When you activate Kaspersky using license key then you will get more advanced protection against viruses, threats, and other malware. This security software has the capability to detect and remove the existing virus and malware from the device. Apart from some excellent features and performance, it sometimes gets you stuck with the technical glitches for which Kaspersky Customer Service UK is beneficial to get the resolution.

Kaspersky comes with an auto-renewal plan through which your activation will automatically renew when the ongoing activation is going to be expiring. It also notifies you before a few days of expiration. You can easily enable this auto-renewal plan just by following a few steps.
The auto-renewal plan allows the users to easily manage their subscription by renewing it automatically one subscription period from the original date of the purchase date at then the ongoing renewal price along with tax. In addition to this, the subscription might be one year or more than one, depends on the previous term you have chosen for the original purchase.

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Enable Auto-Renewal when buying the license

You can only enable auto-renewal through My Kaspersky account if you get the license via that account
• Sign in to your My Kaspersky account • Now, open the Store tab
• Choose the product and the number of devices
• Be sure that the auto-renewal box is selected
• Now, click on Buy Now and then follow the promptness of the store
• By doing this, auto-renewal will be enabled

Your Kaspersky Lab software will be renewed automatically. You don’t need a new activation code or do anything else to stay secure for the next period. Your license will be extended automatically and you will remain protected.
If for any reason it’s not possible to charge the card (for instance, your credit card has expired) you will get a notification through email which advises you to update your debit or credit information accordingly. If you are not able to fix the problem quickly and your subscription expires, please get in touch with the technical teams.

How to know if I’m enrolled in the Auto-Renewal Plan?

You’re enrolled in Auto-Renewal if you buy your Kaspersky product from the Kaspersky Lab eStore, and accepted the Auto-Renewal Terms & Conditions at the purchase time.

If you aren’t sure,

• First of all, Go to Quick Order Lookup on your Web Browser
• Click on ‘Manage My Subscription’
• You’ll see an option to ‘Stop Auto-Renewal’ if you’re enrolled in the plan Now, let’s start the exact procedure to Disable the Auto-Renewal Plan: To turn on Auto-Renewal for your order, please get connected with the Kaspersky technical team

Disable your Auto-Renewal Plan, follow the given steps below:
• Enter the Order Number into the ‘Quick Order Look Up’ you will get this on your order confirmation page or in the order confirmation email which you received when making the purchase
• Enter your password that can also be found in the email of confirmation. If you’ve forgotten your password then, get it recovered as soon as possible
• When you are logged in and click on the ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ option
• You’ll see ‘Renew Now’ and ‘Stop Auto-Renewal’ options

In the end, press ‘Stop Auto-Renewal’ will stop the Auto-Renewal Plan. Your product will still be active unless the subscription expiration date
If you are experiencing any issue while enabling or disabling an auto-renewal plan then get in touch with the Kaspersky technical team. For connecting the technicians, you just have to call on Kaspersky Help Number UK The teams are available 24x7 to help you to resolve the errors in the shortest time frame. The technicians are known for providing reliable and instant support with just a call.