How does Kaspersky protection work with the latest version of Google Chrome?

When it comes to keeping your PC safe and secure against malicious virus attacks, then, only one name strikes in mind is Kaspersky Antivirus. This antivirus software is easy to use and is efficient in detecting and removing viruses, Trojans, and malware automatically from the PC. This antivirus software protects you against thousands of new malware items that are being unleashed every day by the cyber criminals. You can easily download Kaspersky on your device and enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience. If you are new to this antivirus then, it is recommended to take the advice of technical experts at Kaspersky Support UK for more information.

Once you installed Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Total Security on your computer then, the extension for Kaspersky Protection will be automatically installed in the Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browser. Kaspersky suggests installing the Kaspersky Protection extension in the browser to ensure hassle functionality of the Safe Money, On-screen keyboard, Anti-Banner, and Private Protection. Nowadays, internet organizations are performing their best in the protection of users and invent better and advanced security solutions.

Same goes for the Google that currently declared that the Chrome browser will be now working with the extensions only from the official Chrome Web Store. This decision is specially taken for protecting the users from the malicious, vulnerable and irritating extensions, plugins as well as other additions that can dominate the user’s settings and change the experience of users in different negative ways. Well, in that case, this decision will be right for the users and bring some pain to the software developers to cooperate with a browser. This extension comes with the packaged of recently released patch F and consists of three parts such as Block dangerous website, Virtual keyboard and Safe money. Chrome will ask you about a new plug-in after the patch installation and restarting the windows. There is no need for individual effort for that. A window will open with asking you for permission.

• Click the ‘Enable Extension’ option and then restart the browser.
• By doing this, all old plugins will automatically disabled
• After that, you can manually remove them, and now your internet browsing is wholly secured

The Kaspersky protection extension will ensure the operation of the given protection features:

• Kaspersky URL Advisor: It is efficient in checking the links on the web pages that are opened in the browser. If the Kaspersky suspected that the opened website is dangerous, then a red icon appears just next to that link. And if the link opened link is safe, then the green icon is displayed.

• Save Money: It will help to protect your payments by opening the website of online banking services, online stores, payment systems, and trading platforms in a protected browser.

• On-Screen Keyboard: This feature will prevent the malware from interrupting data, which is entered in the website forms. The extension offers On-Screen Keyboard for your protection that is comparable to your hardware keyboard. To get the On-Screen keyboard, first, click the button that is displayed in the toolbar of your browser after the installation of the extension.

• Anti-Banner: It is efficient in blocking ad banners on the websites as they may contain malware or ransomware. This extension will assure the operation of the Private Browsing feature. It provides complete protection against a wide array of information about your online activity.

• Dangerous Content Blocking: It is specialized in preventing a website from loading. If phishing or critical website is suspected by the Kaspersky then, it will block the content so that you stay safe and secure.

So, these are the fantastic reasons which make the Kaspersky protection appropriate for the Internet. If you want safe and secure internet surfing then, it is advisable to get Kaspersky as soon as possible. It promises you to provide complete protection from cyber attacks. If you are not able to add Kaspersky Extension to your Google Chrome, then call at Kaspersky Helpline UK for the exact and quick solution.