How good are Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security?

Kaspersky Antivirus is the best security software that comes with the excellent products for comprehensive and advanced protection. Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security are one of them. In this guide, we will focus on both of the products so that you can choose the best for your device's privacy and security. All products are almost the same in the installation and activation process but some of its features are different. Well, they are simple to install but if you are facing any issue then call on Kaspersky Contact UK to know the exact solution from the technical team.

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Kaspersky Total Security:

Kaspersky Total Security is the best antivirus software program that is designed for domestic uses. This Software is effective in safeguarding personal computers from all types of offline and online threats in real-time. The antivirus software helps to block all sort of crypto lockers, viruses, and other malware threats which can harm your computer. The users can easily get access to exemplary web security services such as VPN, spyware protection and many more.

Kaspersky Total Security is an award-winning antivirus program that has achieved ‘Advanced’ rank from the AV-Comparatives end in 2019. This antivirus offers 360-degree protection from the threats around the multiple devices. The software provides a single license that can be used around multiple devices for reasonable web security solutions.

Features that come with Total security:

• It safeguards the system and files and protects the personal data when you are working online
• It scans your computer or particular files, drivers or folders for viruses
• It also deletes the disinfect and infected objects
• Remove ads and unused apps which affected the performance of your PC
• Find and install the updates for the applications installed on your PC
• Block changes to the operating system and browser settings
• It blocks ads on the webpage with the Anti-Banner
• It helps to block the information collected about your online activity
• Do online shopping and conduct banking operating safely and securely
• Creates backup copies of the essential data (images, documents, and audio files) and keep them up to date
• Set the flexible limitations to access websites and applications for your kids with the help of Kaspersky Parental Control feature
• It helps to protect data from unconstitutional or illegal access with data vaults
• It helps to stores all credential safely and securely for your accounts in one place with the multi-platform password manager

Now, we will discuss Kaspersky Internet Security. The security tools for this internet security is richer, the aforementioned abilities are improved by a number of other useful tools.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security:


This checks all inbound and outbound emails from Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express. All doubtful emails would be filtered to the Spam Folder


This feature will make you capable to block display advertising on the web pages or in the interface of the software. The customizable blacklist of the websites which display ad banners is already integrated into the program. You also can add new banners which you wish to block

Webcam Protection

This feature helps you excellently while notifying you anytime a webcam on their PC is enabled, and preventing adversaries from privately using it

Private Browsing

When you surf the web browsing the various tracking algorithms are used to check the preferences of the users and display the corresponding advertisements online from the specific companies. The anti-tracking feature will block the web analytics or advertisers systems tracking your browser settings and pages which you visit.

Parental Control

It is helpful to limit the access of your child to the computer and certain programs and games as well as individual website categories as well as social media contacts. The restrictions can be set up for the Windows profile user of your child.

Trusted Mode for Applications

This mode is effective in allowing a user to run only trusted software. All of the new programs are checked against the whitelist of Kaspersky Lab of the trusted programs. In this mode, one cannot run any software which isn’t added into the whitelist.

Secure Keyboard

This feature will safeguard the users from the keyloggers when they enter any data into the online forms. The users can enable the protection of the selected websites and data categories and also use an on-screen keyboard to type in data.

Safe Money

This capability is effective to help you to safeguard your online data like banking details and credit card data. You should use this tool to have a safe and secure web banking and online payment experience


You can see a clear difference between Kaspersky products. Both products are safe for your device and provide excellent protection against advanced viruses, malware, and online threats. If you are facing any issue with any of the given products then, you can contact the technical team just by calling on the Kaspersky Helpline Number for instant and complete assistance.