How to turn on Protection Components of Kaspersky Internet Security

Protection Components of Kaspersky Internet Security:

KIS, Kaspersky Internet Security is the most tested, awarded security application in the world that is powered by the next-generation technologies to safeguard all Windows endpoints and the data on them. The application comes with next-generation multi-layered threat protection and additional proactive layers like Web, Application and Device controls, patch management and vulnerability, data encryption and extensive systems management toolset into a ready point agent, EDR. This flagship product in the Kaspersky business portfolio is excellent in benefits and features. In this guide, we will discuss the procedure of turning on Protection Components of Kaspersky Internet Security.

Protection Components of Kaspersky Internet Security | Kaspersky Support Number uk

It comes with some outstanding protection components or tools that are:

Ensures efficiency- simple and easy to manage and implement from a single console with combined policies
Safeguards your most precious business properties- your reputations, data, and business process continuity
Serves the best potential protection for the customers just in the way proven by independent testing
Easily fits into the emerging infrastructures
Future-driven product research and development strategy- all technologies are designed in-house for actual innovation and integration

How to turn on the Protection Components of KIS?

• First of all, go to the Devices Section and,
• Click on the Manage option that appears in the panel of the device of interest
• (It will open the device management window, with the information tab chosen in the left part of the window)
• Choose the Components tab and,
• Use the toggle switch to tune on the component in the section with the Protection Component
• Now, confirm the action by just entering the account password (if required)

But there is a fact; sometimes you might face issues while enabling the Protection Component of Kaspersky Internet Security. Don’t worry; we are here with some of its common issues and their resolution so that you can easily turn the protection on and enjoy a safe and secure experience of using the device.

The first error is

“Failed to enable Protection Components of Kaspersky Total Security”

If you find the error message ‘Failed to enable some protection components of Kaspersky Total Security’:

• Download the Kaspersky Total Security installer
• Make sure you have the activation code that is saved on your computer or other media
• Remove Kaspersky Total Security and restart your computer
• Install Kaspersky Total Security and activate the application

If you are still facing any issue then it is advisable to get in touch with the technical team by just calling on Kaspersky Support UK. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can.

The Second Issue:

“Some protection components are corrupted”

If you get the error “Some protection components are corrupted” then, your Kaspersky Lab Application doesn’t offer solid security for your data

Reinstall the ailed application:

Download the installer from the Kaspersky Lab Website
• Kaspersky Internet Security
• Kaspersky Anti-Virus
• Kaspersky Total Security
• Kaspersky Security Cloud- personal, family or free
• Kaspersky Small Office Security

Remove the application and in the Saving Object window just choose the License detail checkbox
• Now, restart your PC and run the installer
• After that, activate the application
• By doing this, the Kaspersky Lab application will successfully be reinstalled

By following the given procedure, you can easily resolve the problem in the shortest time frame. It is advisable to use a strong and stable internet connection while following the given steps. But sometimes, all you need is to call the Kaspersky Help Number to get your issues resolved by the well-trained technicians and experts. The teams are highly experienced and will help you completely to resolve the problem. For any issues or help, just reach the support team. They are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. When you call on the support number, you will be assisted by the technician who first listen to your problem and then ask you for permission to get access of your device. Once you grant the permission they will soon start the resolution and after completing the solution they will call you back to know if the problem is resolved. This is the best and affordable way to get instant help for any issues or errors.