How Kaspersky Internet Security protects your Android?

Kaspersky Internet Security is the best choice for mobile workers who use tablets and phones for work tasks without putting personal business data or critical business processes at risk. It is known for providing multi-layered protection, including anti-spam, anti-malware, web, application and device controls as well as anti-theft features. To serve simple administration tasks, all functions are accomplished from a single management console. Kaspersky Security is effective in managing and securing every mobile device which employees use in the course of work that can be difficult and time-consuming. Just call at Kaspersky Help UK, if you are getting in trouble while using this security software on your device.

With tablets and phones able to access your corporate systems, it is also able to store too much sensitive corporate data. It also protects mobile devices as well as secures every other endpoint in your business.

Reduces Data Loss Risk:
In the case of mobile devices stolen and lost every year, the risk of suffering a data security incident is important for every business. Also, when the staffs use weak passwords or work on unsafe run and infected applications, it brings further risks. Kaspersky Security makes it easy for the business to impose the use of strong passwords as well as block the launch of un-trusted or unsecured apps. If in case of, tablet and the phone are stolen or lost then special anti-theft features protect sensitive data that is stored on the device. Remotely operated tools allow the users to block access to applications and data on the lost or missing device, wipe information from the device and then find the approximate location of the devices.

Streamlines Management of Mobile Endpoint:
Employees have an average of three mobile devices each that is a lot of tablets and phones for your business to secure. Kaspersky Mobile Internet Security helps you to manage and secure a wide variety of mobile devices such as iOS and Android by using the same centralized management console that provides you control over the wide majority of other Kaspersky security technologies of business. This central and unified console serves to simplify the administration tasks across all the endpoints including mobile devices.

Protection against Mobile Threats:
The advanced anti-malware technologies help to protect the mobile devices from a vast range of threats including phishing attacks, Trojans and ransomware. It comes with flexible configuration tools provide you effective control over which applications are allowed to run on every device. And yes, it is easy to apply various policies for particular users or specific groups of the users.

Well, these are few benefits of the Kaspersky Mobile Internet Security that provides excellent protection to your Android devices such as iOS and Mobile phones. This internet security is known for enhancing the performance of your Android devices. Contact Kaspersky Support UK if you are facing any issue with this mobile security software. The technician teams are available 24x7 to serve their best to resolve the issue in the shortest time frame.